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Batman Arkham City Update 1.01-FiGHTCLUB [Latest-2022]




 . . reimagines one of Batman’s most enduring adversaries from the ground up . . . When the future of his city is in peril, the Dark Knight turns to the man who made him a legend in the first place: the iconic, crusading reporter James Gordon . . . “You’re my last chance for redemption.” Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice #2 Story by Mike Johnson Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams Cover by Lee and Williams Welcome to the Legend’s End, Batman! And this time, it’s not a battle you can survive alone. The Post-Credit Scene Story by Scott Snyder Art and cover by Jock In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice #2, an epic confrontation with the Man of Steel pits the Dark Knight against Superman! Bruce, Batman, and all of Gotham will be shaken by events that will change the very fabric of our reality, and the result will be a battle for supremacy that will leave one hero dead, another in chains, and another scarred for life. Before Batman and Superman can decide who lives and who dies, one must first decide who to fight and who to save. Superman, Gotham’s last hope, has been captured by Lex Luthor, and Batman will stop at nothing to bring him home. But at what cost? Join us for the final chapter of this epic crossover! In the aftermath of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, find out just what happens to the heroes! Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice #3 Story by Frank Tieri Art by Jon Laughlin and John Timms Cover by Jon Laughlin and John Timms The Death of Superman! We’re just days away from the shocking conclusion of DC Entertainment’s epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the culmination of a five-year epic that will forever change the DC Universe. After stopping a corrupt Superman with nuclear missiles, Batman has the Kryptonian captive at his mercy — but when the caped crusader realizes he can’t defeat Superman without his friend Lois Lane’s help, will he follow his vow to protect her at all costs, or will he hand her over to Lex Luthor? Join the other heroes of the DC



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Batman Arkham City Update 1.01-FiGHTCLUB [Latest-2022]

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